An American site reveals the wealth of the Egyptian Salah



An American site reveals the wealth of the Egyptian Salah



A report by an American website revealed the fortune of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player and scorer, on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of his football career outside his country.

And the website “along the boards” published a lengthy report on Salah, in which he said that the Egyptian star, who was born in the village of Najrij in Gharbia Governorate, tried at the beginning of his career to balance his studies with his passion for football, but he did not succeed in that, as his love for the ball overwhelmed His academic career.

The report says that Salah’s wealth, who left Egypt in 2012 to professionalize in Europe, reached nearly 70 million dollars by the beginning of 2020, and he currently earns a weekly salary of 200 thousand pounds, and his contract expires in June 2023.

The report also touched on Salah’s career and accomplishments, referring to the transfer of the Egyptian pharaoh from the Contractors Club to Basel in 2012, and crowning him with the Swiss Super Cup title, before going through the Chelsea station in 2014, which was not successful, and then moved on Sibel loan to Fiorentina and from there to Roma Club, before officially joining the latter in 2016.

After his brilliance in Rome, Salah joined Liverpool in 2017, to unveil a new story in his career marked by brilliance and distinction.

Not only did Salah radiate to the club level, he made significant achievements with the Egyptian national team, as he led him to the 2017 African Nations Cup final, and to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

The site also revealed part of Salah’s personal life, where he talked about his marriage to Magaji in 2013, and his two daughters, Makkah, born in 2004, which he named after the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Salah gave a second daughter early this year and named her a entity.

The site concluded its report by recalling some of the charitable activities carried out by Salah in his hometown of the village of Najrij, where he donated money to build schools and hospitals.

Source: Agencies


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