An American company that developed a home test for the Corona virus, China, Japan, and Italy, started its experiment


A new home test has emerged that its users claim to detect infection with the Corona virus within only 15 minutes, and the result is displayed in a manner similar to that shown by a home pregnancy test.Biomedomics announced on March 5 that its “quick and easy” test is ready and is being used in South Korea, Japan, Italy, China and some Middle Eastern countries. A study conducted by the foundation said that the test produced a correct response of 80 percent.

It is called a rapid IgM / IgG test, takes a blood sample by pricking a human finger or vein, and the person injects it into the analyzer, the size of which is the size of an Apple TV or Roku remote, along with some buffer, and waits 15 minutes.
The results are presented in a manner similar to that found in a home pregnancy test. But instead of answering “yes” or “no”, it can reveal at what stage of the disease the affected person is suffering.

One line means negative, two lines far away from each other means that the sample contains antibodies that the body starts making shortly after infection.

Two lines closer to each other mean that the person is positive for antibodies in the last stage, and three lines mean that the patient is positive for both types of antibodies.

Although Corona was diagnosed in China and Italy using this test, Britain refused to do so.

The tests used by “England Public Health” currently take 24 to 48 hours for a lab specialist to read. At this time, patients suspected of being infected with the deadly virus can spread the germs to other people.

The England Public Health Service confirmed that she did not use the advanced blood test because it was not accurate enough, hoping to develop her own test. Also, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved a blood test.


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