Amira Hani calls on the state to grant employees leave to confront the “Corona” virus


Cairo – Arabs today

She criticized the young artist Princess Hani, The state’s attitude towards its actions with Corona’s disease, Especially in light of the world’s anxiety about eating a disease and treating it with great care by preventing leaves, and other precautions that would cause the people to gather. She commented on her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, saying: “I am generally not one of the people who like to write posts and object because everyone knows that I am running it !! But it is the only Egypt that did not declare a state of emergency and gave leave for people a week because Accept mixing and this generator ??? “. And adding: “The whole world declared a state of emergency except Egypt. This is a global epidemic. This age and pilgrimage is prevented. We have a case in Egypt. Yesterday passed, and a positive state emerged. And America, the great power, declared a state of emergency and gave birth to leave. There is a need for this, and there is no need, nor knowledge, or any power that will be stopped by the creator, with his mercy. Amira concluded her speech by saying: “I hope that the officials care about the issue, not a waste, let the people sit in their homes with her family to some extent. Our Lord is preparing the world from the crisis de Ali Khair, the whole world is terrified and you are open to your chest and workers from her son! ?? Perform holidays.”

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