Amina Khalil embodies a distinguished and different role in the series “Les Lah”


Cairo – Voice of the Emirates

The artist revealed Amina Khalil On her appearance with a new and different character in the series (Les A) scheduled to be shown next Ramadan, hoping that the series will win the admiration of the audience.

Khalil said, in press statements today, Saturday, that the idea of ​​the series is new, expressing her enthusiasm for the experience as she embodies the role of a rich girl who loves photography, so she decides to work as a photographer to go through many situations, explaining that she always seeks to provide works that polish her talent and match her features to be a representative role.

The events of the series take place in 15 episodes, scheduled for presentation in the first half of next Ramadan.

Participates in the series championship Hany Adel, Omar Al-Saeed, Sherine Reda, Hala Sidky, Mohsen Mohy El-Din, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, written by Maryam Noam and directed by Maryam Abu Auf

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