American League: James and Davis lead the Lakers to a first victory over Clippers


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Los Angeles (AFP)

LeBron James and Anthony Davis led the Los Angeles Lakers to their first victory this season over their rivals Los Angeles Clippers, with a score of 112-103 Sunday, in an NBA evening that saw Milwaukee Bucks receive his third loss in four games.

The Lakers defeated their hosts for the first time in their third confrontation in the 2019-2020 season, to strengthen their lead in the western region, while its “counterpart” in the Eastern Province with the best record in the league, Pax, lost to Phoenix Suns 131-140.

In the first match, co-stars Davis and James collaborated to score 58 points for their team, as the first ended the meeting with 30 points and eight rebounds, while the second contributed 28 points, seven rebounds and nine assists.

The Lakers previously lost to Clippers in the first game of the season (102-112) and on Christmas Day (106-111).

And the city pole occupies the first and second places in the western region, and imposed themselves among the most prominent potential competitors for the title, especially the Lakers who seek to regain his position after he was absent in the last season from the exclusionary roles “Play Off”.

In addition to the usual prominence from James and Davis, Lakers relied in Sunday’s game on Ivry Bradley who ended the match with 24 points and three rebounds.

The two teams gave a match in the first and third quarters. While the third-quarter advantage was in favor of Clippers, Lakers imposed his rhythm at the end, to win and stop a series of six consecutive victories by Clippers.

Clippers were unable to avoid the 20th loss in 63 games, despite Paul George scoring 31 points (with six rebounds and three assists), Koahi Lennard 27 points, and Montrezel Harel 20 points with eight rebounds.

On the other hand, the Lakers won their 49th win with only 13 losses. It is the fourth victory for the yellow and violet team, and came just two days after its victory over the leaders of the Eastern District Milwaukee Bucks score of 113-103.

– The loss of Milwaukee and Boston –

The latter continued to perform volatile performance in the recent period, and received his second loss, respectively, and the third in the last four games, by falling on the ground of Phoenix, in a match during which he lost his star and the best player in the last season, Greek Yannis Antikonkembo due to a slight injury to the left knee.

Suns did not give his guest any opportunity to catch his breath or advance over him, as he imposed his control on him from start to finish, especially in the first quarter, which ended with a score of 47-28, before widening the difference in the second to 25 points.

Bax Chris Middleton had the best score with 39 points, while Devin Booker was the best with a winner with 36 points.

As for the defending champion and the second-ranked player in the Eastern District of Toronto Raptors, he won 118-113 from his visit to Sacramento Kings, especially thanks to his player, Norman Powell, who ended the meeting with 31 points.

But the third Eastern District, the Boston Celtics, was unable to keep up with Toronto, so it fell to its home in front of Oklahoma City Thunder with a score of 104-105.

Oklahoma owes its victory to its player, Dennis Schroeder, who scored a successful throw eight seconds before the end of the game, during which he reversed his team’s 103-104 delay to advance by one point, which was enough to settle the match in his favor.

In other highlights, the Houston Rockets suffered their fourth loss in a row, with a brilliant result in front of its Orlando Magic 106-126 guest.

Additionally, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the San Antonio Spurs 132 – 129 after the extension, the New York Knicks over the Detroit Pistons 96-84, the Miami Heat over the Washington Wizards 100-89, the Indiana Pacers over the Dallas Mavericks 112-109, and the Brooklyn Nets over the Chicago Bulls 110- 107, New Orleans Pelicans on the Minnesota Timberwolves 120-107.


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