Amal Arafa reveals the fate of “Chicago” after filming stops


“We will return.” This is how the Syrian actor Amal Arafa commented on the photo that she posted on her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook” of the series “Chicago”, which prompted her followers to ask about the fate of the work after filming operations stopped due to “home quarantine.” And the Syrian government’s decisions to stop photographing work and curfews imposed by the emerging Corona Virus pandemic.

The audience’s questions focused on the fact that the series will be shown in the coming Ramadan, or whether it will be postponed until after Ramadan, so Arafat will answer the questions that she does not know when the filming operations will be pursued and completed, and one of her followers agreed when he expected that he would not be shown in the next Ramadan season and said: Sure enough, the filming will be complete if we stay alive. “
It is worth mentioning that Chicago Street is a Syrian social drama TV series produced by Qaband Company, directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and it was supposed to be shown during the current Ramadan season, starring Abbas Al-Nouri, Nadine Khoury, Slaf Fawakherji, Mehyar Khadour, Amal Arafa, Shukran Murtaja, we condemn Salama, Hussam Al-Shah and others
Amal Amal in which the “Samaher” character represents, in one way or another, the deterioration of all different concepts and values ​​from family to art, leading to love. But she will participate during the work, and according to the events, to uncover the mystery and the circumstances of the Miramar murder, which they called her “Miramar” and gave her an artistic name to be a singing star, and this becomes one of the bad problems that will make Samaher slip into strange worlds.

Ramadan view is sure
The Syrian actor Amal Arafa will appear next Ramadan in the series “Guardian of Jerusalem” in which the personality of Dr. Rima is directed by Basil Al-Khatib and written by Hassan Youssef, and the series tells the biography of the life of the late Syrian bishop Hilarion Capucci, and the tournament will be participated in by Rasheed Assaf, Sabah Al-Jazaery Salim Sabry, Samia Al-Jazaery, Ihab Shaaban and others.
And “Rima” is a married woman in Rome who has been deprived of childbearing and suffers from an unstable marriage, and in return she is pampered by Bishop Elaryn Kabucci who knew her in Aleppo years ago, and her relationship with him was strengthened in Rome, where events take place from the beginning of the bishop’s life until the present time to inspect Rima Her patience decides to separate from her husband and return to Aleppo, to become the eye of the bishop in Aleppo, and to convey to him the finer details of the war and its cruelty to humans and to stone.

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