Allowing McLaren to make changes to his bodywork in 2021


The England-based team is the only one who will make a change to the engine that supplies it at the end of 2020.

Formula 1 announced this month that it would delay plans to make massive changes to regulations that were scheduled in 2021 until 2022 “as a result of the currently troubled financial situation” caused by the Corona virus.

The teams will therefore continue to use the 2020 cars in 2021 in a move to reduce costs.

“This decision does not affect our shift towards using Mercedes power units in 2021, and we will be able to make the necessary changes to our car to accommodate this,” said McLaren manager Andreas Seidel, on the team’s website.

The Corona Virus pandemic has so far forced Formula 1 to cancel the Australian Grand Prix at this month’s opening and Monaco, while six other races have been postponed.

Formula 1 Chase Carey president said on Monday he still hoped the season, which will shrink to 15-18 races, would begin in the summer.


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