All Olympic facilities in Tokyo are completed on schedule


A man wears a muzzle passing in front of giant Olympics rings in Tokyo on Friday. Photography: Stoyan Ninov – Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) – The organizers of the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 said on Friday that construction work on the water sports and games center was completed in February, which means that all facilities for hosting the Olympic Games will be completed on schedule.

The games and water sports center, which will host swimming and diving competitions in the upcoming Olympics, is one of eight new headquarters established to host the next summer session alongside the athletes’ village.

The construction of the National Stadium, which will be the center of the session and which will host the opening ceremony on July 24, was completed ahead of schedule in November 2019.

The summer session activities will be held in 43 establishments, of which 25 are already in existence, along with ten temporary facilities.

Because of the spread of the Corona virus around the world, there are questions about the possibility of postponing or even canceling the tournament, despite the Japanese government’s insistence on moving forward in organizing the major sporting event that takes place every four years.

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, also said that the possibility of canceling the tournament was not possible.

Because of the virus that appeared in China late last year, more than three thousand people worldwide have died, along with the transmission of infection to about 91,000 people.

Prepared and edited by Fathi Abdel Aziz for the Arab Bulletin


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