Al-Wahda and Ajman: “Hope and Danger”! Al Ittihad Newspaper


Mohammed Syed Ahmed (Abu Dhabi)

The goals vary between Al-Wahda and Ajman, between the unit’s hope to return to the square, and Ajman’s attempt to steer clear of the circle of danger, in the confrontation that brings them together after their loss in the last round, which represented a great shock to Al-Annabi, and stopped his successive series of victories at 5 victories that had It brought him back to the fore again before the Dean hindered him, while the last “orange” loss was a continuation of the fluctuation of the results and the lack of stability of the level from one match to another. Al-Wahda won the second round of 9 from 12 points, compared to only 4 points for Ajman, and this reflects the difference between the level and capabilities of the two parties that gathered them in the league in the Professional Era 17 confrontations, in which excellence was evident for “the owners of happiness” by 9 wins compared to 5 Ajman, and attended the tie in Only 3 games.
Al-Wahda, who presented one of his worst games last round to receive a painful blow, will be at the top of caution against a new loss that will bring him back to the cycle that he experienced in the first third of the current season, and his coach and his players know well that there is no way but to harvest the full mark by returning to present strong performances and crowning him with a victory that restores Confidence in the team, whose chance remains with numbers in the competition for the championship despite the difficulty of that in reality, by virtue of the difference of 10 points that separates it from the leader, but all possibilities remain contained in football, and this requires that the team not be excessive in the points before looking to serve the results Competitors To others. For its part, Ajman, which separates it only 6 points from the bottom of the arrangement, senses the danger and seeks to move away from the danger circle and secure its position, in addition to breaking the base in front of the unit itself and achieving a surprise after 3 successive victories for the latter, where the last victory for «Orange» in the second leg of the season ( 2017 – 2018), will he succeed in his endeavor or will the “Annabi” cuff be more likely, as usual.

Al-Annabi strikes with “acquisition” and Al-orange with “shots”
Amr Obaid (Cairo)

The confrontation is expected to come out in a classic way between the two teams, where the ball will remain very large, between Al-Annabi’s feet, as was the case in most of his matches during the season, and the average percentage of possession was 55%, in addition to the abundance of cross passes, which amounted to approximately 440 balls, With an average of 26 crosses in each match, and his players passed a total of 7327 balls, with an accuracy of 82%, which is tactically in line with the percentage of scoring his goals from organized attacks, which reached 73%, in addition to achieving a third of the number of goals through crosses, compared to 30% for the goals of short passes Interlayer, deep in the competitors’ defenses.
The orange will maintain its usual approach, by giving up the ball and committing to defensive insurance, while launching quick reverse attacks, because the team has an average possession rate of 39%, but the speed of the transition from defense to attack, and the team’s ability to take advantage of goal opportunities, helped him a lot In scoring points, the team made 86 chances to score, at a rate of 5 chances per game, and the orange managed to convert 43% of its accurate shots into goals, as it comes at the top of the list of teams, in terms of scoring long-range goals with five goals, equal to the knights. And the king, the second best team, scored goals Air games.


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