Al-Rum Hospital receives 6 cases of “Corona”


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St. Georges University Hospital (Al-Roum) in Ashrafieh, in a statement, announced that it had received 6 “corona” cases, explaining that “there are no injuries from its medical staff or hospital staff.”

He indicated that he had prepared an action plan to receive these cases.

A statement issued earlier stated:

Infectious disease specialists put all their scientific expertise into relevant national committees.

– The hospital has established a private clinic with a private entrance to receive people who have certain symptoms, or for those who want reassurance, through clinical examination or other tests, and the hospital has developed an accurate protocol for this.

– The hospital set up isolated sections to receive Corona disease if requested to do so, and put itself at the disposal of the national campaign for the extension of Corona, and this preparation includes the provision of departments with medical equipment and training of medical and nursing staff provided that the disease management is dealt with in a long-term scientific manner. Without draining the capabilities of the hospital and its staff quickly, because isolation does not lead to the disappearance of the disease entirely, but rather to the emergence of an acceptable number of cases, its treatment does not exceed the capabilities of university hospitals.

The University Hospital of Saint George (Roman) has also established a protocol for classifying the cases that require a Corona examination based on clinical examination and axial tomography, and patients whose condition requires it will be entered. The aim of these measures is to maintain the hospital’s ability to meet other emergency situations as corona, hence the importance of the commitment of citizens to stay in their homes according to the decisions of the Council of Ministers in order to avoid an outbreak of the disease, and not to deplete the capacities of private and government hospitals as happened in other countries, especially as the disease is beginning to spread.


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