Al-Manea for Okaz: Deliberate transfer of “corona”, punishable by murder, in Saudi Arabia


Member of the Senior Scholars Association Sheikh Abdullah Al-Manea revealed that the guardian has the right to punish those who intentionally transmit infection and corona virus to others by mixing it with death.

Al-Manea said in a statement to Okaz that leaving the house and gatherings, despite warnings by the competent authorities in the state, is a crime, harm and harm to Muslims and a violation of the guardian.

A member of the Council of Senior Scholars explained that if a person suffers from illness and intends to kill God’s servants, then this is considered one of the most evil of God’s creation, pointing out that if he does not know, but is reckless and does not care about the orders of the guardian, he is considered disobedient, citing what God mentioned in his book «Ya O you who believe, obey God, obey the Messenger, and take precedence from you. He pointed out that his disobedience deserves the appropriate punishment for him, but the issue of considering whether he was a murderer deliberately included it.


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