“Al Gurg Real Estate” postpones the collection of rents for its residential buildings for a period of three months – Economy – Local


In a new expression on the national and societal responsibility of the business community in Dubai, and businessmen present the first rows of supporters to the untiring efforts made at all levels in the UAE in this exceptional stage in which the world is facing the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic (Covid-19), declared The Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group of Companies and the “Easa Saleh Al Gurg Foundation” for allocating 13 million dirhams to support the preventive measures taken in the Emirate of Dubai to support health preparations in addition to the distance education initiative aimed at preserving the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of male and female students as well as teaching staff Management and within the various functions.

The group and the organization stated that this contribution comes within the framework of giving back to this beloved country and advancing to the level of responsibility of all members of society and its institutions, with the business community bearing the largest part of this national responsibility that cannot be condoned or hesitated to assume in full, so that they are always role models For others and a role model in conscious alignment to face a challenge that threatens its danger to the world and threatens its economic interests, so that the UAE always remains at the forefront of hope makers and provides lessons in how to ensure the full protection of its society in all its categories and to always remain the best place to live and work.

In detail, the “Isa Saleh Al Gurg Group of Companies” provided an amount of 10 million dirhams to support the efforts of the Dubai Health Authority to strengthen preventive measures and precautionary measures that Dubai and the UAE are currently working on to protect public health and safety, in addition to this, the “Isa Saleh Al Gurg Foundation” donated Charity “in the amount of three million dirhams to support the” distance education “initiative in government schools and non-profit charitable schools, through cooperation with the Dubai Education Zone in supplying computers to students of its affiliated schools and in accordance with the specifications approved by them,

In addition to the foregoing, “Al Gurg Real Estate” company announced the postponement of the collection of rents for the company’s residential buildings for a period of three months in order to reduce the burdens on their tenants in light of the negative repercussions left by the spread of the new Corona epidemic on the global economy in general, and most of the world’s economies affected this epidemic What spanned its various parts, while this decision comes to integrate with the measures and facilities provided by the Dubai government and the major banks operating in the emirate recently in order to reduce the physical burdens placed on several segments of society in these difficult times that will be overcome by adding And the efforts of everyone coming together in the face of this temporary global challenge.




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