Al-Ghedani and Al-Amri qualified in “Poet of the Million”


Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»
Yesterday evening, the first episode of the third stage (stage 12 poets), for the “Poet of the Million” program in its ninth season, was broadcast on the channels of Baynunah and the Emirates. The episode began with verses of love for the Emirates, pride in belonging to it, and loyalty to its flag, which is a majestic luxury.
At the beginning of the episode, a report was presented of excerpts from the twelfth and final evening of the 24 poets, in which they qualified by the decision of the jury the two poets, Muhammad Al Hammadi Al Otaibi, with a result of 49/50, and Abdul Aziz Al Ablan Al Dihani with a score of 50/50, then the announcement of the results of the viewers ’vote came through The location and application of the Million Poet, which lasted for a whole week, resulted in the qualification of the last contestant among the 12 poets, Salih Muhammad Al-Anzi, with a score of 71%. As for the rest of the unqualified poets, their results were as follows:
Ghazi Al-Aoun Al-Sardi with a score of 57%, Amer bin Fawaz Al-Ajmi with a score of 52%, and Mohammed Rashid Al-Aweili with a score of 38%.
With the launching of the evening’s activities, which are considered the threshold for the final qualifying competition for its ninth season, the announcement of the criteria for the final stage in which 12 qualified poets compete from the previous stages, which extends for two evenings for each of them 6 poets, the committee is entitled during the one evening to qualify one or two poets, while The third, second and third qualify with the sum of the marks of the committee and the vote of the viewers. Poets ’participation is divided into two parts, in the first part they present a free poem, while they participate in the second part in keeping up with famous verses from the art of blond, squared, syphilis, or mawal, by writing two houses consisting of each of them N 4 Ohtr Tagafih system determined by the jury.
Participants in the new episode were poets, Ahmed bin Jadaan Al-Azmi and Abdulaziz Al-Ablan Al-Daihani from Kuwait, Rakan bin Walid Al-Rashed, Abdul Majeed Saud Al-Ghaydani, and singer Bin Dahim Al-Otaibi from Saudi Arabia, and Mubarak Al-Oud Al-Amri from the Emirates. In line with the exceptional circumstances in which humanity lives in the face of the Corona epidemic, the arbitration committee of the Poet of the Million program directed to pray for the unity of hearts and humanity and the solidarity of nations from everywhere to combat this disease, thankful to the UAE leadership for making every effort to reassure people, and grateful to those who protect humanity from this epidemic .
The jury’s decision to qualify the two poets, Abdul Majeed Saud Al Ghaydani and Mubarak Al Oud Al Amri, came with a score of 47 out of 50 each, while the results of the four poets who will wait for the viewers and followers to vote, through the location and application of the Million Poet for a full week, are as follows: 45/50 to Abdul Al-Aziz Al-Ablan Al-Daihani, and the singer Bin Dahim Al-Otaibi, and 42/50 by Ahmed bin Jadaan Al-Azmi and Rakan bin Waleed Al-Rashid.
Also, the poets of the third evening were announced: Ahmed bin Ayed Al-Balawi, Khalid Al-Qusayri Al-Juhani, Muhammad Al-Hammadi Al-Otaibi, Muhammad Al-Bandar Al-Mutairi, Saleh Muhammad Al-Anzi from Saudi Arabia, and Mazid bin Jadaan Al-Wasmi from Kuwait.


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