Al-Duhail strikes with an iron hand … Aaron’s strike


The decision of the Al-Duhail Club, headed by His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani, to write off Abdullah Haroun, player of the club’s Sunni groups, and to deprive him of the club because of the inappropriate behavior that was issued from him on the social networking site “Twitter” by writing a verbally abusive account on his own account, his response was positive, in The total rejection of such unethical actions remained, and because what happened from the player is not related to morality or sport, and the belief of the club that morality is superior and more important than anything and out of his keenness to uphold moral values, just as the decision was struck with an iron hand at the hands of each Whoever thinks that he is going beyond or outside the text.
Aaron’s deterrent punishment came after he verbally abused everyone by posting obscene words on his personal account on a social networking site on Twitter, and after social media pioneers responded to the tweet he posted on his account, which was written in English and its Arabic meaning meant that “Qatar will not allow entry Flights coming from several countries as a precaution from the Corona Virus but allow the acceptance of Qataris coming from the same countries. “And given the young age of the player and his inability to manage the dialogue with his followers who tweeted to him to reply and respond in a polite manner, he insulted and pronounced whitewashed and completely immoral. After that, Abdullah Haroun apologized in another tweet, in which he said Qatar is my country, in which I and my family live, and it has a great credit for us .. You understand my mistake, I like to apologize to all .. And I return, I say, I do not forget the credit for our country Qatar, I just wanted to be aware of the political opinion or apologize if Say literary.
In light of what happened, the club decided to cross it out and issued an official statement on its official website regarding this incident, in which it said: “The Al-Duhail club regrets the behavior that was issued by one of the players of the Sunni groups (Abdullah Haroun) on the social networking site (Twitter), where he spoke with a talk full of abuse. In a manner not previously spoken by the sons of the club, and this behavior found great condemnation from the employees of Al-Duhail Club, and the club added in its statement: “After it was proven to the administration what was attributed to the player, I decided to delete it from his statements immediately and prevent him from entering the club.”


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