Al-Ahly’s last practice on the Pretoria stadium complex before facing Sun Downs


Al-Ahly team fought its last session on the Pretoria University Stadiums complex this afternoon, Thursday, in preparation for the third match of Sun Downs scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, where the team will train tomorrow at the match court “Lucas Moribbi” in the city Pretoria.

Rene Filer, the coach of the team, held a lecture with the players before the start of the training session, and Filer continued his conversation with the players to prepare them technically and morally to face the Sun Downs, the team went through an entertainment paragraph at the beginning of the session and the team fought a hand by hand within the program prepared by Thomas Pinkel, the team’s load chart.

The team’s training included a strong physical and technical side, which lasted for 70 minutes in the penultimate training session for the team in South Africa, and René Fyler focused on ball training and the implementation of technical and planning sentences.

And the past team training in South Africa witnessed the readiness of all the players of the team to participate in the Saturday game, including Ali Maaloul, who suffered from minor strain in the front muscle, but he recovered from it and participated in the training yesterday and yesterday, and the medical staff of the team led by Dr. Khaled Mahmoud declared that no one would suffer A player from any injuries, explaining that there is more than one player who suffered from minor bruises and stress but was not effective, and these players participated in the exercises naturally to confirm their readiness to participate in the match properly.

Syed Abdul Hafeez, the club’s director of football, was keen to hold more than one session with the assisting body to check on all the arrangements since the mission arrived until Saturday’s match date..

Al-Ahly’s list includes: Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Ali Lutfi, Mustafa Shoubir, Mahmoud Metwally, Rami Rabia, Yasser Ibrahim, Walid Suleiman, Ayman Ashraf, Hussein Al-Shahat, Aliu Diang, Amr Al-Sulaya, Marwan Mohsen, Muhammad Magdi Qafsha, Ali Maaloul and Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Alio Badji, Ahmed Fathi, Junior Ajay, Geraldo and Mohamed Hany.


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