Al-Ahly informs Hossam Ashour of officially refusing to renew his contract


Informed the ball planning committee Al-Ahly, Headed by Mohsen Saleh, in its meeting this afternoon with Hossam Ashour, the team’s midfielder, that the technical options for coach Rene Vyler, which he intends to rely on during the coming period, will not be among them.

Al-Ahly’s Planning Committee stressed that it is about seeing the coach who does not interfere in his responsibilities as usual for Al-Ahly throughout his history, and in front of the football’s planning committee’s appreciation and accepted by the club’s board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the star Hussam Ashour, his great history and his career that everyone attends.

The meeting came in the presence of Zakaria Nassef and Khaled Bebo, member of the committee, Mr. Abdel Hafeez, director of the ball, and Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts with Ashour, to confirm everyone’s appreciation for what was presented by this wonderful model of players, who spared no effort in raising the name of his club and was the example and example of discipline and commitment.

During the meeting, the committee explained the situation in full and that the club and its leaders did not wish any of them to end Ashour his football career outside Al-Ahly and that the board of directors who previously decided not to hold retirement matches after applying the professional system intends to reconsider this decision by exception and that a retirement match befitting the name of Ashour is held And its history and is marketed at a high level to achieve literary and financial return. For the player, in addition to the club’s willingness to bear all the costs of Ashour travel to live and study in European clubs to qualify him technically or administratively as decided and be one of the promising cadres in the club during the next stage.

Ashour also informed the committee that the club and its board of directors will not be late in any other qualifying steps that are supportive of his future career in addition to working in the club’s channel, in return Ashour expressed his appreciation for the committee’s point of view, but he stuck to his continuation in the stadiums, a desire that no one can confiscate and the committee requested That Ashour gives himself an opportunity and time to think again and wished him success as one of the loyal sons of Al-Ahly and appreciated by all.


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