Al-Ahly for the Football Association: Postponement decisions cause controversy … and where is the principle of equal opportunities?


Al-Ahly club management sent a letter to the Football Association Thursday evening requesting speedy reporting on achieving the principle of equal opportunities between the competing clubs, after Al-Ahly was forced to play its match with Smouha in the league only 48 hours after the football team arrived in Cairo, after a flight It lasted eight hours, and before an hour-long bus journey from Pretoria to the capital, Johannesburg, followed the performance of the Sun Downs match in the Champions League quarter-final match. The Football Association insisted on holding the aforementioned match, and did not take into account the stress and exhaustion experienced by the players, the majority of whom, along with their colleagues in other clubs, are the main strength of the team, which is preparing for the African qualifiers within days.

A reaction came Al-Ahly After the flexibility he showed by running for Smouha despite the difficult circumstances, without issuing a crisis, he has every right to it, but he found a determination from the Football Association to ignore the principle of equal opportunities, by setting up his match with Enppi on Saturday, without the team being able to perform any technical training or Physical on the day of his arrival or the day after, which undermines all the rules of fair play and justice, especially as what happened with Al-Ahly was not repeated with others.

Al-Ahly’s letter included that the postponement decisions issued by the Football Association were unsuccessful, but rather sparked great controversy, and may cause crises on the sports street without justification.

In its speech, the club’s management also stressed the necessity for the federation to reveal its regulations based on its decisions, which need a pause from its side to ensure the principle of justice and the success of the competition.


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