Al-Ahly Bank, Fayoum and Assiut Petroleum won, and Beni Suef tied in the 17th round in the second division


The seventeenth round matches resulted in the first group The second section league For the leader Beni Suef falling into the trap of a positive tie with a goal outside the stadium in front of the media, with a goal for the same, taking his score to 35 points, while the media balance increased to 19 points in ninth place.

The National Bank also succeeded in achieving a victory over Tahta with two clean goals, raising its balance to 35 points in the second position of the group, with a difference of goals from Beni Suef, while the balance of Tahta was frozen at 10 points in the last position, while the aluminum lost to Assiut Petroleum with a counterpart to the thing to freeze its balance At 32 points in third place, while Assiut Petroleum raised its score to 24 points and rises to fifth in the group.

Dairout also succeeded in achieving a two-goal win against Al-Minya to raise his score to 11 points in the penultimate position of the group, while the Minya sons balance stuck at 19 points in eighth place, and Fayoum managed to win Sohag with two goals against a goal to raise his balance to 18 points, while The sons of Sohag were frozen at 22 points, while the youths of Qena and Beni Suef phones tied positively with a goal, so that the youths raised their score to 31 points and it is still in fourth place, while Beni Suef phones raised its score to 23 points in sixth place.

With this result, Beni Suef continued in first place with 35 points, followed by the National Bank in second place with the same balance of points and goal difference from the leader, then aluminum in third place with 32 points, then Shabab Qena in fourth place with 31 points.


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