Ajax cancels player Abdelhak Nuri


Source: Amsterdam – DBA

A news report revealed that the Dutch club Ajax canceled the contract of his player, Abdelhak Al-Nuri, who has been suffering from a long-standing health crisis.

The Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” explained on its website on Monday evening, that the contract of midfielder Nuri, “22 years”, was supposed to continue until the beginning of July 2020, and it included an item requiring automatic renewal, but the club canceled the contract.

Nuri, who is of Moroccan origin, had suffered brain problems on the eighth of July 2017 following a heart attack, and he entered a coma that woke up a few days ago.

Since Nuri fell into a coma, Ajax will pay the player’s salary on a monthly basis, and he will continue until the end of the contract in early July.


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