Ahmed Ibrahim sends a message to “Mother of his Children” and Angham canceling his follow-up ..


11:24 PM

Sunday 08 March 2020

Books – Baha Hijazi:

Distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, the artist’s husband, Angham, caused controversy among his followers after he published a photo of his first wife, Yasmine Issa, with his children.

Ahmed Ibrahim commented on the photo: “On International Women’s Day, a tribute to the faithful great who preserved my home in my absence, I knew the value of the children of origins, my wife and the mother of my children, Yasmine Issa.”

Then Ahmed Ibrahim closed the comments on the photo, most of which were talking about Angham, and does this Tweet mean their separation, and then “Ibrahim” deleted the comments.

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Immediately after the post, artist Angham canceled the follow-up of Ahmed Ibrahim, and Ahmed Ibrahim canceled her follow-up.

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Ibrahim then published a post explaining the truth of his separation from Angham, so he wrote: “Journalist professors who try to communicate with me, sorry for not answering. I will dispense with her, no matter how much pressure I have been subjected to, even if it costs me the issue of distance and even if I took off from any party that made me choose between him and my children’s home, with my great love for the dear side, who is still on the other side.

Ibrahim continued: “I swear to God, there has been no separation (until now), but no one knows Arif Bakra, Jebaa A, the most important thing is the comfort of my children before me personally. All of this, O Post, a greeting I delivered to my children on International Women’s Day.”

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For her part, Angham did not comment on the matter, and did not publish anything but a tweet before the outbreak of the crisis, which she wrote, “Simply I am the Text of the World” and wrote it to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Ahmed Ibrahim had announced his marriage to the singer Angham in February 2019, after a love story that brought them together, and in April he separated from his first wife Yasmine Issa, the daughter of the director’s sister Tariq Al-Arian, and according to Ibrahim’s circular, his wife Yasmine Issa returned to his punishment again in May, that is, after One month of separation.


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