Ahmed Ibrahim kisses Angham’s head .. Did they retract from the separation?


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The music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, the husband of the Egyptian artist Angham, continues to stir controversy on social media sites, as he was the one who sang the relationship of their love a year ago, and is now trying to court her heart so that their relationship can return as it was after he was the main factor in bombing this relationship.

Because Ahmed Ibrahim currently lives in a bad psychological state, no one can say for sure the nature of the relationship between him and his wife, and whether what he is doing is a rush from him because of what he is suffering, or an attempt to sympathize her heart, in an attempt to announce the return of their relationship as it was and then retracted from the separation.

Once again, Ahmed Ibrahim published a picture that his wife, Angham, collected, in which it was noticed that he was trying to obtain her consent in various ways, especially that she resorted to filing a khula lawsuit to obtain her freedom after he refused her divorce in an amicable way in the hope of regression and obtaining a “truce” in their relationship.

Ahmed Ibrahim appeared as he accepted the head of his wife as a kind of strong apology to her, and this apology confirmed his words which he described as “six sixes”, and even said it explicitly “Your right is supreme”, so he wrote: “Your right is supreme, I, six sixty, remain black and dogs are dogs” .

The ball is now in Angham Stadium, and its position will be revealed either by Ahmed Ibrahim himself by writing new posts, or by announcing the separation completely, or by the initiative of Angham to re-follow him on “Instagram” again so that many will understand what this relationship will lead to.

Ahmed Ibrahim had revealed his current state of weakness with a post through his account on “Instagram”, by publishing a clip from a song expressing his psychological state, as he used his fellow artist Rami Jamal, who is known for his release of many sad songs that bear the meanings of separation between loved ones, and published a clip from The song “Who Walked”, by Rami Jamal through his account on “Instagram”, and commented on it saying: “Habayeb every day say one.”

Melodies of musician Ahmed Ibrahim officially married, without advertising, on New Year’s Eve 2019, and they traveled together to Paris on January 19, 2019.

Source: Fuchsia


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