Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum praises the efforts of the health authorities in the country and confirms that travel is still safe – economy – local


His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Supreme President of the Emirates Airlines Group, praised the intensive precautionary measures taken by the health authorities in the United Arab Emirates to protect all members of society, including citizens and residents, as well as visitors, expressing his full appreciation to the officials and workers in The various fields who continue to make the utmost efforts with complete dedication and commitment around the clock to preserve the health and safety of the people of the Emirates as well as travelers in these times when regions of the world witness the spread of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), stressing that travel to Still safe.

His Highness said: “Based on our awareness that our country is a global hub for travel, and that Dubai Airport is the first in the world in terms of international passenger traffic, we implement the best health and safety standards in the world with all responsibility and accuracy, while the health authorities and all concerned agencies in the country work with International and local agencies and experts ensure that our communities and travelers are educated about precaution. Our well-trained teams work around the clock to provide the highest levels of support and care, while all international transit (transit) travelers arriving in the country are monitored. Carried out by these teams to maintain the position of our country as a global hub for travel. ”

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum concluded by saying: “The UAE has overcome some of the worst situations and crises that hit the world in the past, including epidemics or natural disasters, as these crises were only an opportunity to come out with lessons learned that refine our experiences and enable us to create Solutions that enhance our ability to face any difficult situation with all the necessary strength and flexibility, and I am fully confident that the situation will not be different this time as well, and we will remain vigilant and at the highest levels of readiness, as is the case throughout the UAE, to deal efficiently with any developments. .

The World Health Organization had raised the Covid-19 warning level to the highest level, but had not announced it had become a pandemic. According to WHO data on March 4, 119 countries have not yet had any HIV infections. Also, among the 75 countries in which injuries have occurred, 47 countries have fewer than 10 injuries each, which means that travel is still safe as long as governments and individuals take precautions and precautions.

Every passenger at Dubai International Airport is subjected to an unobtrusive thermal test to ensure that passengers are not overheated. As for travelers and flight crew members arriving from affected areas and Covid-19 virus spread centers, health authorities subject them to additional medical examinations that include a double temperature measurement and taking nasal swabs, and when any suspected or confirmed case is detected, the authorities follow internationally approved guidelines It isolates the patient to take the necessary measures towards him according to the health protocols in force and the standards and procedures recommended by the World Health Organization. The medical teams are present at the Dubai Airport around the clock and its mission is to check passengers and crews, as this will take no more than 40 minutes for a single trip.

Emirates Airlines has taken precautionary measures to reassure its customers through the adoption of enhanced sterilization procedures for flights arriving and departing from Dubai, where certified, proven, high-impact chemicals and comprehensive cleaning techniques are used to sterilize aircraft. The carrier also uses HEPA filters that remove more than 99% of viruses from the cabin atmosphere, as all precautions and measures taken by health authorities contribute to keeping air travel safe for local communities, international travelers and employees.




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