Ahmed Abu Hashima announces his engagement to Yasmine Sabry and the price for her ring is fictional


Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima announced his engagement to Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry, indirectly, whose identity has been revealed.

Abu Hashima posted on his page, via Instagram, the “Al-Astori” method, a picture in which his hand and the hands of Jasmine intertwined appeared, saying “My love.”

Abu Hashima was careful not to show Yasmin’s face, but the audience compared this image to another image of Yasmin in which she wore the same ring, in addition to the accessories that were found on her wrist.

The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, had caused a stir among the pioneers of the communication sites because of the diamond ring that appeared in her right-hand finger earlier.

What is the secret of this ring that Jasmine deliberately showed on more than one occasion, and is there a beautiful story behind it that its details may be revealed in the next stage?

The ring is made of pure diamond, a special design of 5.8 carats, and the price is not less than approximately 200 thousand dollars, and it is signed by Diam Jewelery.


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