Agreeing on 7 basic points between Al-Qadi Awaidat and banks


The discriminatory Attorney General Judge Ghassan Aouidat, in the presence of the Malian Attorney General Judge Ali Ibrahim and the public defenders at the Court of Cassation Judges Subouh Suleiman and Mary Abu Murad, held two consecutive meetings, the first with the legal representatives of Lebanese banks and the second with the Association of Banks, according to what the National Information Agency reported. As a result of the two meetings, rules have been established that protect the rights of depositors and preserve the integrity of the banking sector. The rules summarize that the banks commit themselves within the following year:
First: Cash payment in the national currency of the depositors, with a monthly amount of no less than 25 million Lebanese pounds.
Second: Enabling employees to withdraw all their pensions in the national currency in cash, without any installments.
Third: Insurance of education premiums, medical costs, hospitalization, and payment of taxes and all that is necessary, through transfers in foreign currency abroad.
Fourth: Securing the requirements for purchasing medical supplies and other matters that have been agreed upon with the Banque du Liban and according to the agreed upon rates.
Fifth: Securing the requirements to purchase the necessary foodstuffs from abroad that are not manufactured in Lebanon.
Sixth: The depositors ’money was not transferred from the dollar to the national currency without the client’s consent.
Seventh: Banks’ initiative to pay the full amounts transferred from abroad (Farsh Mani) and not to seize them or seize part of them in any way.


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