After two failed marriages: Toulin Al-Bakri announces her engagement to a businessman


Syrian actress Toulin Al-Bakri announced her engagement to businessman and car dealer Abdul Latif Sharaf through her personal account on Facebook, according to Dunia Al-Watan.
Al-Bakri’s engagement comes after two dramatic marriage stories that they had previously gone through, the first when she got married at the age of 16, and revealed that she was beaten and ill-treated by her husband, who was holding her and preventing her from everything, including art, and she stayed with him for thirteen years to ensure her children before she He fled to Syria many years ago.

And the second marriage did not last long, as it was done secretly from Majd Badour and she was divorced after the family of Bakri’s husband refused to be associated with (divorced).
Al Bakri has participated in a number of dramas in the current season, most notably (an interview with Mr. Adam) and (Portrait).


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