After the global decline in oil .. 3 Gulf countries reduce fuel prices


After the global decline in oil .. 3 Gulf countries reduce fuel prices

One of the gas stations in the Gulf

directMahmoud Jamal: Three Gulf countries (UAE, Qatar and Sultanate of Oman) have reduced the fuel prices that will be applied on the first day of March 2020 World oil prices It recorded the largest weekly losses in 12 years and a monthly decline of more than 13 percent.


According to statistics prepared by Mubasher, according to government data, gasoline prices in the UAE will witness a decline, as premium gasoline prices will drop to 2.16 dirhams. (0.58 Dollars) from last month at 2.24 dirhams ($ 0.61)).

It will decrease The price of regular gasoline To the price of 2.04 dirhams (0. dollars), after it was 2.12 dirhams (0.577 dollars) at the end of last month.

And diesel prices will witness a slight decrease in the new month by 6.25 percent to reach the level of 2.25 dirhams / liter (0. dollar), after it was at 2.4 dirhams / liter (0.653 dollars)).


Meanwhile, the Sultanate of Oman will reduce gasoline and diesel prices during the new month, as it will reach the prices of premium gasoline 210.95 Baisa ($ 0.54) in March 2020, up from 215 baisa (0.56 Dollars) in February of the new year.

The Authority will reduce the Sultanate’s regular gasoline price to 200.91 Baizas ($ 0.52), from 205 Baizas ($ 0.53) in February..

During the new month, diesel prices in the Sultanate of Oman will drop to 229 Baisas ($ 0.59), compared to 235 Baisa ($ 0.61) in February 2020.


AndQatar will reduce the prices of premium gasoline and diesel During March 2020, the levels of last February. The price of a liter of super gasoline “95” will be priced at 1.65 riyals ($ 0.45) per liter instead of last month’s price at 1.85 riyals ($ 0.51)).

The selling price of a liter of regular gasoline will be reduced to the level of 1.60 riyals ($ 0.44)). The price of diesel will drop from 1.9 riyals ($ 0.52) to 1.7 riyals ($ 0.466) per liter.

And for Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian Oil Company announcedAramco Saudi Arabia, On adjusting the period for the periodic review of gasoline prices from quarterly to monthly, starting in February.

The company said on its website in a previous statement, that the updated gasoline prices starting from Sunday, February 16, 2020 AD will be as follows: (Gasoline 91: 1.55 riyals per liter), and (Gasoline 95: 2.11 riyals per liter)).

Bahrain and Kuwait did not announce new changes in the prices of gasoline and diesel to be dealt with starting from the new month.


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