After “The Dean” .. the director Bassem El-Silka is betting on the audacity of “Portrait” in Ramadan


DAMASCUS, Syria (CNN) – The Syrian director Bassem El-Salka is facing a new challenge in “Portrait”, his first directing experiences for a 30-episode television work, which will be presented during the Ramadan 2020 season of drama, on the text of the writer Tlid Al-Khatib, after his success in the series “Dean Which was recently shown on an Arab digital platform.

The director said, in a special statement to CNN in Arabic, that he seeks through “portraits” to “highlight the strengths in the local text, and the Syrian actor, in front of the Arab public, who is thirsty to see a strong Syrian drama again”, after he participated as a writer and director in presenting many of the Arab joint business, which has achieved great public success in recent years.

From the scenes of filming a series

Basem El-Selka is betting on the portrait of Imar Al-Sham for the upcoming Ramadan drama season, on the text of the series that discusses the problems of young people in the current era, and the performance of a group of Syrian actors from young faces, along with well-known stars.

Al-Salka considered that “this mixture between two generations of actors and the new narration method” motivates him, as a director, to present a visual proposal that seeks to be different in “portraits”, in cooperation with a team “that believes in the success of this work.”

The series revolves around “in a social-teaser framework, about a love story between (Rima) and (Hazem), whose chapters start from a passing encounter in unusual circumstances, but this story will be burdened by the grudges of a common family past between them, they knew nothing about, and will cast a shadow.” On the future of their relationship.

From the scenes of filming a series

The story of “Portrait” raises the question of the ability of love between the two young men to remove the deposits of the past between their families, or will it turn into a sweeping torrent that destroys everything that surrounds the two lovers, due to the curse of an incomplete love of former.

Although the story may seem “classic” at its entrance, in the name of Selka, he pointed out that he found in the text written by Taleed Al-Khatib a compensation for “depletion in the bold texts of the offering, which suffered from the Syrian drama in recent years.”

From the scenes of filming a series

The producing company indicated in a press release issued recently that the course of “portrait” events at two different time levels, pushing them to bet “in one of these two levels to provide young Syrian faces, pushing them to the spotlight, by assigning basic roles to them, such as the young actress, the luxury of meeting the role of (Rima) ), And the young actor Haval Hamdi who plays the role of (Hazem), along with artists from the elite stars of the Syrian drama such as Fadi Sabih, Madiha Kanafati, Jalal Shamout, Saif Al-Din Al-Subaie, Aktham Hamada Nawar Yousef and Jafra Younis … ”, and many other actors, among them Young people standing for the first time in front of the camera.

From the scenes of filming a series

The matter, which is considered by the director of “Portrait” on behalf of Selka, as a catalyst for “spontaneous performance, similar to the nature of the text.”


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