After suspected of having a “corona” .. “Latifa” reveals her health condition


The Tunisian singer reassured
Latifa, her audience after a recent health crisis.

Latifa fought in
A video clip through her account on the Instagram application, that she has passed her ordeal
Sick and indicated that she is now better off.

That came after
Latifa raised concern among her followers after she hinted that she was infected with the Coronavirus
During the past days.

She said via her account
On Twitter: “A week ago I locked myself in my room, wearing a muzzle,
This was after I had a cold because of the conditioning in the studio, and I ordered everyone in the house with me
Wearing a muzzle for fear of infection from my mother. ”

She added: “I was
I content myself with greeting her every morning in the balcony in the sun, and then go to my room for the rest of the day, and eat
All the drugs, hot drinks, and I asked everyone in the house to get away from me
I am sick of myself, but I was reassured that my temperature had not risen, and I prayed, thank God. “

She demanded her audience
By following the same steps.


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