After suffering from “Corona” .. British talks about the first symptoms and gives advice to young people


News now United Kingdom – Agencies

A 32-year-old British woman named Jess Markbank, 32, told her experiences with HIV.Sk“The newcomer.

“It started with a slight feeling of a sore throat suddenly, then the symptoms grew and she was transferred to a hospital in Devon County, western Britain, and there she was diagnosed with Coronavirus, and she was isolated from the rest of the patients,” said the woman, who does not have any health problem.

Markbank stayed in the hospital for 3 days, stating that “she was thirsting for oxygen, which was reduced in her body, and it has reached 80%.” The lady pointed out, “A.Symptoms began to accelerate after hospitalization, and included chronic headaches, shortness of breath, and pain such as fire to the extremities.

Markbank confirmed that she “recovered from the symptoms and went home”, and gave advice to others, particularly the youth, who said: “If you think the inducement to stay at home and get away from others is stupid, that’s a mistake.”


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