After Saudi warnings .. Is Iran intent to spread corona in the Gulf states?


Over the past weeks, the Gulf states announced for the first time the emergence of confirmed cases of infection With corona virus All of them are coming from Iran, especially Saudi Arabia, whose number of infections has risen to five cases, all of them citizens coming from Iran through other countries without disclosing their presence in Iran, which has become one of the hotbeds of the virus.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced that a confirmed case had emerged With the new Corona virus For a couple, as the husband was coming from Iran through the State of Kuwait, and he did not disclose at the Saudi port about his presence in Iran, and transmitted the infection to his wife.

Laboratory results also revealed another confirmed infection With corona virus For a citizen coming from Iran via the Kingdom of Bahrain and facilities in the same vehicle for the first and second cases previously announced, bringing the total until Thursday, five cases, all of which were the source of infection from Iran.

Saudi Arabia holds Iran responsible for the spread of the Corona virus in the world

This comes at a time when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s new Communications and Media Center warned against traveling to Iran, stressing that it is a health risk and is punishable by law, after the Ministry of Health announced, last Monday, the first case of coronavirus infection for a citizen returning from Iran through Bahrain and had not announced his travel to Iran Upon entering the land port.

After the increase in the number of confirmed cases infected with Coronavirus, an official source denounced Iran’s behavior for having introduced Saudi citizens to its lands, without stamping their passports, which holds it directly responsible for causing the spread of the virus and spreading it around the world, noting that this is a health risk that undermines efforts Corona Virus Prevention International.

The kingdom requires citizens to disclose their visit to Iran within 48 hours

According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, the responsible source called on all Saudi citizens who visited Iran and returned during the past weeks to disclose this immediately, and contact the Ministry of Health through the toll-free number (937) assigned to the reports of the Ministry of Health to guide them to take the necessary measures to be taken.

In order to motivate citizens to disclose their travel to Iran for fear of an outbreak of the Corona virus, the responsible source excluded these citizens from applying the provisions of the travel documents system and its executive regulations in the event that they initiated this within a maximum period of 48 hours from the time of issuing this statement, meaning that it ends tomorrow, Saturday.

The source stressed the citizens not to travel to Iran permanently, because it is one of the hotbeds of the Corona virus, stressing that strict legal measures will be taken against any citizen who commits this act anymore, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

In the same context, the source called on Iran to disclose the identities of the Saudi citizens who visited it in violation since the first of last February, bearing the Iranian authorities fully responsible for each of them whom the Corona virus was transmitted while on Iranian soil without informing the authorities of his country.

While the responsible source stressed that the Iranian regime’s continuation of its secrecy on the identity of the Saudi citizens visiting Iran in secret, and allowing them to do so illegally threatens public health not only in the Kingdom but in the whole world and undermines efforts to combat the Corona virus.

Twitter pioneers support the Kingdom’s efforts in fighting Corona virus with “hashtag”

Therefore, Saudi citizens launched on the social networking site «Twitter», and a title entitled “Corona kills you, disclose your travel”, as the journalist Abdulaziz Al-Mursel said, through his official account on Twitter: “What I dream of our government … is an opportunity that cannot be compensated for citizens who came from Iran They entered the country without notifying the authorities or who are currently there. ”

As he said an account called «d. Fatima Bint Saeed Al-Ahmari »:“ Your travel to Iran (a violation), your failure to disclose your travel (betrayal), your continued secrecy (a crime), ”in support of the Kingdom’s efforts to combat the new Corona virus.

Likewise, an account called “Faleh bin Majid Al Otaibi” said on Twitter: “Iran intentionally misleads the relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states by not stamping the passports of its visitors, which contributes to the spread of the Corona virus.”

Coronavirus cases in Kuwait, Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman are mostly from Iran

The situation in Kuwait was not very different, as the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced, yesterday, Thursday, that the total number of confirmed cases of Corona virus across Kuwait increased to 58, most of whom were citizens coming from Iran, especially from the two provinces of Qom, which is considered one of the endemic towns in Iran, as well as the province of « Scene”.

In the Sultanate of Oman, the Omani Ministry of Health announced last Tuesday that it had recorded six new cases of coronavirus related to travel to Iran, four of whom had Iranian nationality, bringing the number of cases registered in the Sultanate to 12 cases.

On February 24, the Ministry of Health in Bahrain registered the first confirmed case of coronavirus for a Bahraini citizen coming from Iran, and the cases from Iran continued until the number rose to 49 cases, most of them coming from Iran via indirect flights.

After the UAE recorded confirmed cases coming from Iran, evacuating its citizens from Iran through coordination with its embassy in the capital, Tehran, to reduce the spread of the Corona virus and preserve the lives of its citizens.

Iran is one of the hotbeds of the new Corona virus, after China, where daily death rates increase dramatically, as the number of people infected with the disease rose to 3513 people, as the number of deaths reached about 210 cases, in addition to recording 591 new cases, yesterday five With its spread in the provinces of Tehran, Qom, Jilan and Isfahan.

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