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Erdogan continues to collect money from the Turks

Erdogan continues to collect money from the Turks

The Turkish authorities, headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continued the collection procedures of the people, ignoring the turmoil of the Corona virus and the decline in oil globally, and increased gas prices.

According to the newspaper “Cumhuriyet”, the authorities raised, on Saturday, the consumption tax collected on liquefied petroleum gas products, at 7 piasters, to reflect this amount on the selling prices.

The newspaper, quoting a statement issued by the Association of Energy, Oil and Natural Gas Supply Stations (EPGİS), said that a liter of liquefied petroleum gas rose by 7 piasters, the value that was raised in the private consumption tax.

This comes after a few hours of raising the prices of gasoline 4 piasters, and diesel by 11 piasters, as these prices were raised at midnight on Friday / Saturday.

After the new increase, the price of a liter of diesel in the capital, Ankara, rose to 5.39 pounds instead of 5.28, and in Istanbul it became 5.29 pounds instead of 5.18, and in Izmir 5.41 instead of 5.30.

With the price of a liter of gasoline in the capital, Ankara, 5.32 instead of 5.28 pounds, and in Istanbul 5.23 instead of 5.19 pounds, and in Izmir 5.33 instead of 5.29 pounds.

This increase comes after another, which was conducted last Monday, on gasoline, amounted to 7 piasters per liter, and another on February 29 and amounted to 15 piasters per liter.

It should be noted that the prices set by the distribution companies in Turkey show slight differences between them, from one city to another, due to the conditions of competition.

The rise in prices and taxes in Turkey comes due to a severe economic crisis in Turkey, which is increasing day after day, amid Erdogan’s failure to find solutions to it.


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