After being bullied … Abdul Majeed Abdullah returns to Twitter and admits he made a mistake


After the rise of the Saudi artist Abd Almejeed Abdallah By closing his account on “Twitter” on Wednesday, after “verbal quarrels” with some of his followers, Abdel Majeed returned to “Twitter” through a tweet in which he said: “I am appreciative of those who loved me and suffered with me, so you are the ones who send happiness, love and serenity in this.” The universe, because life is with respect and love, and this is what I touched of you, so I do not say, but you will have happiness and love for me. ”

And he continued in another tweet: “My beloved, I do not claim perfection, and I am not the best one, but I am one of the people grieving, happy, upset, happy, wrong, and righteous … so please accept me as I am and what is the most beautiful what the poet said and what I regretted for what I was doing and I will complete my days with regret. Life is stations and I pass it like the rest in Saad and in pain. ”

And Abdul Majeed concluded his speech with a last tweet yesterday evening, in which he said, “Finally, I confess, I made a mistake, and the response was more wrong for those who do not deserve a response, and I ask forgiveness from God Almighty.”

Bullying campaign against Abdul Majeed Abdullah

And the Saudi artist said in his last tweet before stopping his account: “My artistic career is 36 years, and all these words I hear, and I, fifties of my life, are art, tweet, and poke. Every human being sent the words of God offending the world, how he signed me with my love and appreciation for my beloved Republic.”
Immediately after the news of the closure of his page on “Twitter”, Twitter users showed solidarity with Abdullah, whose name was released on social networking sites in most of the Arab Gulf states.
A large number of tweeters agreed on the dangers of bullying not only on “ordinary people” but also on “celebrities”.

Abd Almejeed Abdallah
Abd Almejeed Abdallah

One of the tweeters described bullying as “a type of killing that writes, injures, stabs, insults and curses,” and added, “The feelings of others are not a container in which to throw what you want and go.”
She also tweeted the company “Rotana” of the Saudi artist, describing the bullies as “a hateful few of successes and creativity.”
He was the head of the General Authority for Entertainment in Saudi Arabia Turki Al-Sheikh, Commented on Tasker Abdul Majeed’s account on Twitter, saying: “My dear, Abu Abdullah, do not care, and I am your brother with the borrowed names and whoever sees the network … Unfortunately, people are not ashamed … the caravan is traveling.”

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