After being accused of murder … the final judgment was issued against Asala’s son


The New Cairo Misdemeanor Court decided to acquit Khaled Ayman El-Thahabi, son of the artist Asala, from her first husband, on charges of wrongful killing of an Egyptian citizen in a traffic accident called “Hani Shaker”.

The court’s decision came after the victim’s family attended and recognized the reconciliation with the accused, as Egyptian law provides that the victim, his representative or his heirs may be reconciled with the perpetrator and the charge is dropped.

The Egyptian police had reached the son of Asala after unloading the surveillance cameras that revealed him after a traffic accident that resulted in the death of the citizen, and the son of Asala admitted the accusation, stressing that he had killed a mistake and turned himself in.

It is worth noting that Ayman Al-Dhahabi and Sham Al-Asala are the sons of Ayman Al-Dhahabi who separated from him. Then she married Tariq Al-Arian and gave birth to Ali and Adam, and they separated three months ago.


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