After being accused of assaulting a fan, a journalist reveals a surprise that Jan Yaman was harassed


After a recent furore over a fan, she sued the famous Turkish actorJan YamanOn charges of assaulting her in a nightclub, which is the news published by the Turkish newspaper “Al-Sabah”, the Turkish journalist launchedHinkal OlukViolent attack on the newspaper, accusing it of reporting the news without accuracy of information only for the sake of obtaining commercial advertisements. He described it as a “press of gossip and gossip”, and that it “writes the news from so-and-so whispered to so-and-so without making sure of its authenticity,” he said.
Oluk added in an article published in the newspaper “Medat TV”, that he does not know Yaman and has not seen any work for him, but the newspaper reported the news on one party, so the news has three parties, namely Jan Yaman, the girl who claimed it and the nightclub in which Jean Yaman was located.
He continued: “Jan Yaman was subjected to public harassment by the girl who approached him to take a picture of my ancestor, and she tried to embrace him in an exaggerated manner, and wrapped her arms around his neck strongly, so Jan removed him from him and completed his evening, but the press turned the truth for media excitement, and distorted the image of Yaman, who His name has reached international level. “
He concluded by saying that the one who is currently with Yaman is the same one who happened at the time of his travel to Spain and the accusations he faced that he paid a large amount of money in order to receive him with a standing ovation.


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