After attacking him … Was Jan Yaman sexually abused?


Turkish journalist Hinkal Oluk defended Turkish actor Jan Yaman after he was accused by the Turkish newspaper “Sabah” that he assaulted a girl in a nightclub, according to the newspaper. “The day.”

Journalist Hinkal Oluk published an article in the newspaper “Medat TV” in which he defended Yaman, accusing the newspaper of seeking to obtain viewership in order to obtain commercials. He described it as a “press of gossip and gossip”, and that it “writes the news from so-and-so whispered to so-and-so without making sure of its authenticity,” he said.

Oluk accused the newspaper that she had not investigated the news, nor did she ask the owners of the nightclub whether this actually happened or not, and she did not ask to watch the surveillance cameras, nor did she listen to the statements of Jan Yaman himself.

“Jan Yaman was publicly abused by the girl who approached him to take a picture of my ancestor, and she tried to hug him exaggeratedly, and wrapped her arms around his neck forcefully, so Jan kept her away from him,” the journalist said.


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