After a year of marriage, he caused many disputes … Angham separates from her husband


Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

The music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim announced his separation from his wife, the Egyptian artist Angham, after a yearlong marriage.

The artist audience had discovered that the separation between them on social networks, when The duo stopped following each other on the “Instagram” application.

Then, he published the music track Words centered on his first wife and the mother of his two children, Which increased speculation about a crisis between him and Angham.

Finally, Ibrahim officially ended the controversy through his account through “Facebook” by publishing a picture that brings him to the tunes he commented on, confirming that he loves her “and everyone knows” this, and that he does not accept “any abuse” of the artist, and he refuses to “outbid” his love and appreciation for it.

The post that Ibrahim wrote on his Facebook page to announce the separation
The post that Ibrahim wrote on his Facebook page to announce the separation

He pointed out that he and Angham endured together “insults, transgressions and disrespect” for their privacy, which caused “distortion of this love.” He stressed that “some people still until this moment analyze and decide” on them.

Ibrahim recalled the accusations he had been made against him of having sought fame by marrying him with tunes, despite working with music for 17 years. For her part, Angham was accused of having sought to ruin the house of Al-Mazaa, which is a “false accusation,” according to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim stressed that he cannot provoke melodies or be a party against them or against their interests. He explained that when he wrote beautiful words about his first wife, “This was repeated words” mentioned in several meetings before, and he explained that he republished it because his first wife was under “terrible pressure”.

Ibrahim also confirmed that he and Angham were “happy until the last minute” despite the cruelty of some of those who surrounded them. He stressed that they both succeeded in the field of work, expressing his wish to repeat this experience. He stressed that his feelings towards her will not change despite the distance, considering that the audience did not recognize him except when he married Angham “because she is a great artist.”

At the end of his speech, Ibrahim acknowledged his separation from Angham, saying: “I hope our Lord increases it beauty and success and writes it the good that unfortunately starts from me … but it does not change my feelings and we will live on our sweet memories.”

Thus, the music distributor has brought down the curtain to a marriage that did not last long and was the cause of a family feud between Angham and her son. As a result, the artist lost her friendship with originality, Before she and her husband got into a lot of feuds with some celebrities and others.


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