After a possible injury … the NBA falls victim to Corona


After a possible injury ... the NBA falls victim to Corona


                    BRANDON DILL

The NBA has decided to suspend the regular season “until further notice”, due to a possible injury to Utah Jazz French player Rudi Goubert with the new Corona virus.

The association did not identify the player who was infected with the virus, and said in a statement that it “decided to stop playing after the games scheduled for tonight (Wednesday) until further notice.”

“The Association will take advantage of this pause to determine the next steps to advance in relation to the epidemic of the Coronavirus,” she added.

The association made the decision immediately after the suspension of the scheduled match between Utah Jazz and its Oklahoma City Thunder host, while informed ESPN sources revealed that Robert’s infection with the virus was the reason behind the decision to suspend the match and then the entire regular season.

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Later, Utah Jazz issued a statement saying that the player in question had similar symptoms to influenza, but that the results of the initial tests for influenza and respiratory infections were negative, and then decided to conduct another examination to see whether he was infected with the “Covid-19” virus, and the result was positive The case is being handled by Oklahoma City health officials.

Utah declined to reveal the name of the player, but Denver Nuggets coach Mike Malone, similar to ESPN, revealed that he was Gober, who initially included his name as doubting his ability to play the match and then pulled out completely from the squad.

On Thursday, the League is expected to discuss the next steps with the teams. The Utah and Oklahoma City hosts were not the only match that was canceled Wednesday. Monday’s Utah match against defending champion Raptors Toronto (92-101), so there is a possibility that he might have been infected with the virus.

Source: “AFP”


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