After a long wait .. Sony sets a date for the disclosure of the PlayStation 5


Sony announced that it will unveil the new version of the PlayStation “PS5”, on Wednesday.

The company had postponed the launch of its latest devices in January, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, or as it is known as “Covid-19”, according to the site “BGR”.

News websites had published leaked photos of the “PlayStation 5” device last November, which shows a different form of the device compared to its predecessors.

The device will contain a hard disk class (SSD) which is characterized by its high speed, in addition to a new feature that enhances the accuracy of the submitted images to become (8K).

The most important feature that Sony will rely on for excellence is “ray tracing” or ray tracing, which will provide more realistic lighting effects by tracking algorithms for light paths, and simulating them with virtual objects that the player collides with.


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