Aden News – Disclosure of the reason for closing the emergency hospital in the Republic of Aden


Medical sources at the Republic Hospital Authority in the Khor Makser Directorate in the capital Aden said that the medical staff in the emergency department closed this section in protest against the absence of preventive measures and health measures that the Ministry of Health must provide to the department and the staff working in it in anticipation of the pandemic, Krona, God forbid.The sources added with a special declaration to Aden Time: that the closure of the emergency department was for hours during the morning period, while the medical crews returned to work after the closure led to its condemnation message.

The sources said that maintaining the emergency department in the Republic Hospital in Aden on one condition and not providing it with special preventive measures to confront the pandemic is very dangerous and may cause a major catastrophe, God forbid, especially since most of the cases that come to the emergency, some of which are likely to carry Corona disease.

The sources added that the Republic’s emergency department for the day did not receive any protective requirements for the working staff, and that the Minister of Health, its agent and the director of the Health Bureau in Aden announced that they would provide them with their preventive measures against the Corona virus.

The medical staff working in the department threatened to escalate in case the Ministry of Health continues to deal with them in this way and neglect the initial measures, noting that the teams may work to escalate their steps in order to obtain the measures related to the medical staff.


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