Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society: enough strategic inventory .. Home delivery is available to all – localities – other


Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society confirmed that it continues to provide its services through its branches spread in the Emirates, in addition to the presence of 21 branches open 24 hours a day throughout the week to serve the consumer audience.

The society said in a statement today: “The consumer public can visit the branches of the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society, Spar and Megamart at any time, to purchase all its needs of food products, fresh food and household appliances.”

The association announced “the availability of a strategic stock of food products to meet all consumer needs, and advised the consumer public not to rush, exaggerate the purchase, stockpile food, and not be led to rumors.”

For his part, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce at Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society Abdulaziz Mohammed said, “The strategic partnership with SPAR International, in addition to the directives and instructions from the concerned authorities in the country, has helped the association to take the necessary measures necessary in terms of readiness and readiness to face such conditions.” The exceptional provision of sufficient strategic stock to meet all market needs. ”

The public can shop through more than one way to buy online, including the “InstaShop” application, which provides home delivery service, and the customer can choose one of the branches of the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society, Spar, Megamart closest to him, and work is being done to increase coverage in the rest of the applications and make the service available for order through the association’s website as soon as possible. Available time.

The association also earlier activated the remote work system for eligible jobs, in implementation of the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the state to combat the emerging corona virus.

The association stressed that it is fully committed to all health and regulatory instructions issued by the competent authorities and take all necessary measures by sterilizing shopping carts, in addition to printing health advisory boards in all its branches to spread health awareness among shoppers, as part of its precautionary measures to provide additional means of protection for consumers such as applying Safe shopping distances between shoppers, and fronts have been installed at payment boxes to reduce friction between customers and employees.




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