Abdullah Al-Tarawah is almost naked on the bed and raises widespread controversy!


Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al-Tarawah caused a very big sensation after he published pictures showing him almost naked on his own account in Instagram, and Al-Tarawah appears in the pictures while he is naked and covers his body only with a “sheet”.

The Kuwaiti artist was subjected to a major attack because of his appearance in this bold and incompatible form, considering that he was trying to draw attention, and ridiculed much of his appearance in a big way, while many likened him to “Indians”.

Amidst these criticisms, Al-Tarawah responded to the racism of some through a post in which he republished the pictures saying: “To the Indians and the Indians, they raised them Babu, Raju and Duke Ante and perished the school, Miri and Kanti. You drank milk and cooked for you tomorrow. Above all people, the truth is that the second countries have civilization, history and development before your grandfather does not live in blocks of house .. In short, Mary and Kumar settle your spectrums, and if on clothes, you die on the same thing as the series in # Netflix what you saw.

What many defended the pictures of the Kuwaiti artist, confirming that he did not appear in a dishonorable way of modesty, and that the comments were exaggerated, and emphasized that the matter is personal freedom and no one has the right to interfere with what he publishes.

On the artistic level, Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al-Tarawah is preparing to participate in the upcoming Ramadan season, through the series “A Passion”, alongside Kuwaiti artist Hoda Hussein, and a large number of art stars in the Gulf.

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