Abdul Majeed Abdullah .. Moral failure due to bullying and disease


Mohamed Ali –

Hours after he closed his account on social networking site (Twitter), because of the attack on him and receiving abusive responses, and his use of words considered by some to be a moral lapse, in which the artist signed for several reasons, the Saudi artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah returned again yesterday, to apologize to his fans, saying: “I I appreciate the pause of those who love me and suffer with me, so it is you who sincerely send happiness, love and serenity in this universe, because life is with respect and love, and this is what I touched of you.

He added: “My beloved ones, I do not claim perfection and I am not the best one. Rather, I am one of the people who is sad, happy, upset, and happy, who makes mistakes, and who is right .. Life is stations and I cross it … as is the rest in happiness and in pain. ”

He continued: «Finally, I confess … I made a mistake in responding and I erred more on those who do not deserve a response, and I ask forgiveness from God Almighty.»

The artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah announced yesterday the closure of his account on the social networking site (Twitter) after a dispute with one of his followers, and tweeted, “Taz in art, Taz in Twitter, Taz in every human being sent hurtful words.” So what pushed an artist with the size, value and history of Abdul Majeed? To leave the virtual world and announce retirement from communicating with his fans in this way ?!

Al-Qabas contacted one of his close associates, who explained that the “bullying” that spread widely in social media platforms, and the effects of the disease suffered by the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah, negatively affected his morale, and the most prominent reasons that put him in this situation with his inappropriate responses, and the closure of his account.

And he demonstrated that the demonstration of love and support he witnessed from his great fans and colleagues on social media prompted him to quickly return to his fans and followers.

Trend «Twitter»

And a tag titled # Abdul-Majeed_Abdullah “Al-Trend” in Saudi Arabia was published on Twitter for two days with more than 50 thousand tweets after Abdul-Majeed announced the closure of his official account, and the Saudi artist made this decision after a verbal argument with a follower of his page. He told Abdul Majeed: You remain dwarves in front of Iraqi songs. ”So, the Saudi artist would not have responded to it, which opened the door wide to other followers on the crisis line between them, writing several tweets, carrying projections and bullying, and some of them included profanity, to put Abdul Majid an end to face the attack In a tweet, he said: “My career Technician 36 years, and all these words, and I am in the fifties of my life, Tz in art, Otz Twitter, Otz in every human being sent words hurtful, God, how the world was signed by Ali, with my love and appreciation for the beloved Republican ».


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