A woman who bought a child from the child kidnapper, Maryam, is arrested – Erm News


Arrest of a woman who bought a child from a child kidnapper, Maryam

Source: Toss News

The security services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia managed to arrest a woman who bought a child from a child kidnapper known as “Maryam”

According to information provided by the “Falcons” account of the issue of child kidnapping Mariam Through Twitter, it was found that the Kidnapper had sold more than one child to a client, while security services began matching the proportions of the kidnapped who were found with previously recorded kidnappings.

The “Falcons” account stated that the accused, “Maryam”, confessed that there were participants and assistants in all the kidnappings.

Many magical works were found in the accused’s apartment, and people had pictures of some of them with locks.

Sahar Abu Shaheen, a journalist in the local newspaper “Makkah”, confirmed earlier that the number of those arrested so far has reached more than 11, after the arrest of “Sultana” “Maryam” partner and her friend, who has been practicing kidnapping with her and training other kidnappers. Also, a female relative of “Maryam” (37 years old) residing outside Dammam was arrested, and one of the women who bought a kidnapped child from Maryam was arrested.

One of the most controversial cases known to Saudi Arabia, which started with suspicion of two young people, “Maryam” came to extract identification documents for them, to open the door wide to the kidnappings and the tragedies of dozens of families.


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