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A Twitter war broke out between former Minister Fadi Jreissati and Representative Paula Yaacoubian.

Representative Paula Yaacoubian responded to the response of the former minister, Fadi Jreissati. She said: “Major Saliba called me and thanked, thankfully, that he had withdrawn two years ago from the previous officials of the State Security officers.

And I republished the tweets that I did not insult Minister Jreissati and I did not publish even the video in which one of the revolutionaries says he drinks coffee surrounded by state security personnel

I just asked what it all looked like. “

Jreissati had responded in a tweet to his account via “Twitter”, to Jacobian’s words regarding the state security elements accompanying him.

He wrote, “Paula, I am the son of institutions, and I was going to stay under the law.” He added, “The following state security personnel were with me during my tenure to the Ministry of Environment and returned to their positions upon receipt and delivery.”

Jreissati continued, “If you reduce populism and Karmal, you do not have any credibility left by challenging you to make sure of the state security apparatus yourself, lying is a defect and apology is a virtue.”

Yacoubian confirmed that “the former ministers do not have the right to have any members of the state security.”

Yacoubian added, “Today’s video has spread intensively with Minister Jreissati and a number of state security personnel have appeared with him. I expect clarification from the relevant agency.”

Source: Kataeb.org


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