A touching message .. Ramez Jalal remembers his late mother in the country


Ramez presented the Ramez program in the waterfall last year, and the prank starts hosting the program team for one of the stars of art, sport or media, and it is connected to a place in one of the East Asian islands where he is exposed to an unexpected adventure, and from here the excitement and horror begins for the guest, then a gorilla meter appears. “Among the trees and bushes, unexpectedly in front of the guest after what he thinks he survived, which increases his fear and fear.

The idea of ​​the “Ramez in the Waterfall” program is based on the appearance of Ramez Jalal during the program, hidden in the gorilla costume among the bushes, while his victims from the stars resist the waves and the water rushes in the waterfall, before they face their fate in front of the artificial gorilla, so that “Ramez” finally takes off the mask From his face, he reveals his personality to the victims, who beat him.

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