A ten-part documentary on Jordan and the Chicago Bulls


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New York (AFP)

A 10-part documentary film about American basketball legend Michael Jordan and his former club Chicago Bulls’ title in the NBA was completed in the 1990s and will be launched in April.

The documentary is titled “The Final Dance” and it was scheduled to be launched in early June, coinciding with the launch of the final round of the American League before the Corona virus freezes sports activities, but it will now be launched on the nineteenth of April.

The current Los Angeles Lakers superstar, LeBron James, commented on the release of the documentary, saying, on Twitter, “I can’t wait for the date of April 19th. I look forward impatiently to that!”

James, who won the league’s best player four times, was one of those who demanded that the documentary be released at a time when most of the US states face a home stone without the ability to follow sporting events directly on the small screen.

The documentary will be available outside the United States via the Netflix service over 5 times on Mondays, starting on April 20, one day (at a time) after it is broadcast on the American network, “ISBN”.

“Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s were not only sports stars, but a global phenomenon,” said documentary director Jason Heher.

“Supervising the last dance was an amazing opportunity to discover the extraordinary impact of a man and a club,” he added.

Jordan, then-team coach Phil Jackson and club owner Jerry Rinsdorf allowed a team of photographers to follow the team during the entire 1997-1998 season as he tried to win his sixth title in the last eight seasons.

“While society spends times without pursuing direct sports, viewers are still looking to the world of sports to escape and enjoy a collective experience,” ISPN said in a statement.

“We heard the call of the game fans to speed up announcing the release date of this series, and we are happy by announcing that we have accelerated the production process to achieve this,” he concluded.


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