A study from Wuhan reveals … this is the blood group most vulnerable to corona hazards!


A Chinese study has found that people with blood type A may be more susceptible to infection with Coronavirus, which has caused a global pandemic known as Covid-19.The study by Wuhan University’s Evidence-Based Medicine Center included more than two thousand patients with the virus in Wuhan, where the disease erupted, and compared them with the local healthy population.

The study showed that patients with type A blood group had a higher incidence and had more severe symptoms.Those with O type “have a much lower risk of infectious disease,” compared to others.

“Patients infected with HIV from type A blood group may need to receive more alert observation and intensive and effective treatment,” the researchers wrote, led by Wang Xinghuan.

Of the 206 patients who died of Covid-19 in Wuhan, 63 percent were from blood group A carriers, compared to 52 percent who were family type O patients.

This pattern was applicable in different age and sexual groups targeted by the study.The researchers said that the study is preliminary and needs more work, but they urged governments and medical facilities to consider the differences of blood groups in their treatment plans to eliminate the virus.

Gao Yingdai, a researcher with the experimental hematology laboratory in Tianjin, described the study as limited and said it could be improved by expanding the size of patients covered outside China.

The types of blood types are determined by “antigen,” a substance on the surface of red blood cells that stimulates the immune response.

Another constraint in the study, Gao said, did not provide a clear explanation about a number of phenomena such as the molecular interaction between the virus and different types of red blood cells.

Gao concluded by saying that the new study “may be beneficial to doctors, but ordinary citizens should not take the statistics seriously.”


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