A strong start to the Longines World Championship


Sheikh Jouaan attended some of the competitions in Al Shaqab

In the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, President of the Qatar Olympic Committee, the first round of the Longines International Championships Jumping Championship, hosted by Al Shaqab – a member of Qatar Foundation – was launched yesterday, and will continue until tomorrow, with the participation of 46 of the best international riders, in addition to 5 Qatari riders. And the Doha Round is the first among 18 other rounds to be held in different cities on three continents (Asia, Europe and America), and the launch saw strong competitions between the knights, French knight Kivan Stout achieved the title of five-star competition, which was held at heights of up to 155 cm, and a victory came Stout in the anti-clockwise competition Individual and difference and in it he achieved with his horse “Visconti de Telma” 63.55th, and the British knight Scott Brash came second, after he achieved 63.66th, on the horses of his horse “Hello Shelby” and the French knight Roger Yves Post came in third place, achieving 64.18s with his horse “Castelvorbis” Talita. ” The winners were crowned Raad Hamoudi Salman, President of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, and Badr Muhammad Al-Darwish, Secretary General of the Qatari and Asian Equestrian Federations.
While the Norwegian knight Johann Sebastian Gluxen won the title of the first five-star competition yesterday, and Gluxen’s victory came in the competition held at a height of 145 cm in two stages, and he achieved with “Shalop” a time of 38.80 w, and the two Belgians, Jos Verloe and Wilm Vermeer, came in the second and third places. , With the first achieving 39.91 s with his horse, “Varun”, and the other, 40.50 s, with the horse “King Kong Davona”. 44 riders participated in the competition, including five Qatar (Rashed Twaim Al-Marri, ranked 15th, Hamad Nasser Al-Qadi, Salman Muhammad Al-Emadi, Saeed Nasser Al-Qadi, and Mubarak Al-Rumaihi).
The tournament competition will continue today on its second day, where two games will be held within the Longines World Tour, and two games within the ninth round of the Qatar Equestrian Tours (Longines Championship), in addition to a competition for young knights within the international camp that ends today.

Bader Al-Darwish:
Good performance for the local riders

Badr Al-Darwish, Secretary General of the Asian and Qatar Federation for Equestrian, confirmed that the tournament started strong from its first day under the wonderful organization by Al Shaqab – member of Qatar Foundation, adding that the tournament this year is witnessing the participation of a number of Qatari riders for the first time in the five-star category, and it was They performed brilliantly in their first participation, as they had before they were considered good in the Commercial International Equestrian Championship – Al Shaqab sponsored by Longines, which was held in Longines Square in Al Shaqab in the past days and witnessed wide participation from the most prominent international riders.
He praised the strong participation of the Qatari knights in the 5-star singles match that was held today at a height of 145 cm, in which the Qatari knight Rashid Twim Al-Marri achieved a great result after he managed to finish the round without making mistakes, as the same round saw the participation of the knights Hamad Nasser Al Qadi, Salman Al Emadi and Saeed Nasser Al-Qadi and Mark Al-Rumaihi.
The Secretary General of the Asian and Qatari Equestrian Federations added that the participation of Qatar Knights in this tournament is a prelude to joining the first Qatari national team to jump barriers, as he clarified that the establishment of the ninth round of Longines tournaments tournaments for local equestrian within the competitions of this tournament in order to allow the young riders to gain more of Experiences in light of the great presence of the best knights in the world.

On Al-Rumaihi:
An opportunity to gain experience in this

Ali Al-Rumaihi, the director of the Longines championship, this is to hold the ninth round of the championship on the sidelines of the Longines World Tour, which will give the knights experience and break the dread barrier, as they compete against large audiences, indicating that organizing two rounds of this longines during less than two weeks may cause horse fatigue, But he said that there is a positive side to benefit from the international championships, and he explained: We held the eighth round during the Commercial International Equestrian Championship that was held in Al Shaqab last week, and it was necessary to take advantage of the opportunity to organize two international events for the benefit of Longines heathen riders, who benefit from competition in A different atmosphere and in front of international knights, and the time is short as there is no room for delaying Longines. This season is nearing the end. “And about the reflection of the local championship on the participants in the two international championships, Al-Rumaihi said:” Some of this Longines competitions are followed by international knights, and we have already received offers. To work in the veterinary and training field from those who come to the two championships to admire the local championship. ”

A great level for the international camp participants

A competition was held in the hurdles jumping system of the riders participating in the second edition of the International Camp for Young Knights, which Al Shaqab organized for the second year in a row, after it was organized in conjunction with the opening round of the Longines Global Tour Championship last March, and the camp includes 14 Qatari knights and 10 knights from 10 Arab and European countries, and 21 knights and knight participated in the competition yesterday, at altitudes of 1.15 meters, counterclockwise with a differentiation round, and the first place won by the “Laffan” team consisting of the Qatari knight Ghanem Nasser Al-Qadi, the British Eile Samantha Churchill, and the jockey Judy Crighton, He won a thousand Coordination winner of 39 thousand riyals. Qataris, in addition to Ghanem Al-Qadi, participated in the competition: Fares Saad Al-Qahtani, Khalifa Abdullah Al-Khaldi, Muhammad Nasser Al-Qadi, Abdul Aziz Ghanem Al-Nuaimi, Ali Muhammad Al-Qadi and Saad Ahmed Al Saad.


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