A statue steals the spotlight .. Erdogan’s escorts under a Russian empress


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

He stole a statue placed in the annexed hall Meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan And his accompanying delegation, Thursday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin, highlighted the outreach sites.

A number of tweeters commented on the status of the second Catherine statue, which is considered one of the most famous Russian emperors who inflicted many defeats on the Ottoman Empire, considering it a hidden message. Some of them considered that Putin intentionally “insulted” the Turkish delegation, despite the fact that the meeting aimed to reach an agreement between the two parties on the Syrian Idlib.

Pictures of the meeting showed the Turkish delegation under a statue that was said to be Catherine II that defeated the Ottomans in several battles, until the conclusion of the Treaty of Kingaria at the end of the 18th century, with the demise of the Ottoman authority.

However, the statue of Catherine and the Russian delegation is not the only one that raised the comments of the networking sites, as the Russian Foreign Ministry had in turn raised days before the mentioned meeting, many questions, after I published on its Facebook page a publication on the wars between Russia and the Ottoman Empire between the years 1877-1878.

It is noteworthy that Catherine II, also known as the great Catherine, is one of the most prominent, important and largest rulers of Russia throughout history. She is also one of the longest-reigning women rulers, as her era spanned from 1762 AD until her death in 1796 CE at the age of 67.


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