A statement by the Keserwan Governmental Hospital regarding the facilities for receiving Corona patients …


The administration of the Fattouh Keserwan Governmental Hospital – Al-Bawar said in a statement that “frequent speeches, especially the fabrication of inaccurate news, does not benefit anyone in these circumstances, but rather increases tension and confusion, and that refraining from this is a service to society and compassion for the citizens who are satisfied with what they suffer from tension in the circumstances Now. “The statement added: “And while the first approach was to prepare a section of the hospital, in order to use it for quarantine, that is, to receive cases that have not yet been confirmed as having been infected with the Coronavirus, but are under observation. If the infection is confirmed, it will be transferred to Rafic Hariri University Hospital. The department is on rehabilitating the rooms like all the medical rooms, and it has become almost complete.

She pointed out that, “the equipment was reviewed when the tendency to receive confirmed cases became infected, in order to completely isolate the department from ventilation, negative pressure, filter, and other conditions and general requirements to ensure the safety of workers in the section to be opened.”The hospital administration has regretted “the late awareness of its importance and this is what influenced the claim for a long time, and that some are seeking to throw all the weights of the current difficult situation on the hospital to evade its responsibilities, which exposes the medical staff to danger through their contact with who might be injured, as long as the actual equipment not completed yet”.

In conclusion, the hospital administration thanked all those who worked effectively and seriously for their support in this delicate stage. And she affirmed that “a very large part of the rehabilitation and preparation has been accomplished, and when securing the conditions required for reception, you will not hesitate to announce this to the media, because any recklessness can lead to major mistakes that are difficult to contain and address.”


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